Discover the Blueprint of your Soul

Are you trying to find your Soul’s purpose for being and exploring this world? Are you at a crossroads and wondering about your next step in life? Do you have a longing that never quite seems to get fulfilled? Or maybe you are already very aware of who you are as a spiritual being, but just need some confirmation and reassurance on a human level.

We all have one or two Divine Gifts that are by far most important to us. Energetic qualities that represent the largest part of your Soul Blueprint. Your unique character traits and talents tell you how you are meant to manifest your life.

In this Soul Reading Akashic Records, we are going to look at your Soul Blueprint at its origination. You in your purest form. You will discover your Divine Gifts that you are inherently most abundant in. They are yours forever, you can rely on them. You will gain insights into your talents and your challenges.

They will be presented in a very tangible way, giving you clues for everyday life. Enabling you to start making new choices that are in better alignment with who you are at Soul level, with your Soul Blueprint. Choices that will manifest more abundance in all aspects of your life with greater ease. After all, creating the life you want comes down to the new choices you consciously make.

Get to know your Divine Gifts

As a certified Akashic Records Reader (by Soul Realignment®) I will read your Akashic Record to retrieve the information. Think of the Akashic Records as an energetic database or library, that stores all the information of every Soul from the time it was created. All our choices – our intentions, thoughts, words, and actions – create an energetic vibration. They are recorded and stored in the Akashic Records. Every Soul has its own record. It contains the Blueprint of your Soul at its origination, as well as all your choices and experiences in past lifetimes and present situations.

Magische boek

How does it work?

  • If you would like a Soul Reading Akashic Records, please book it and fill out the form. Then I will have all the information I need to enter your Akashic Record and do the reading.
  • After I receive your booking and payment, I will plan your reading which I will do remotely so you don’t need to be present.
  • When I’m done, we will schedule a Zoom meeting of 45 minutes in which I will present your reading to you. Before our appointment, I will send you a link and further details for our meeting.
  • Afterwards you’ll receive a recording of our session that you can revisit to get the most out of it. 
  • Within 24 hours after your booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from me with additional information.
  • My fee for this service is € 115, payment in advance via Paypal.