Get to know your Soul’s Energetic Matrix

Do you know that every Divine Soul Blueprint contains not just one or two, but eight different (energetic) soul qualities in a unique blend? They are Compassion, Manifestation, Order, Love, Communication, Truth, Power, and Wisdom. This is why each of us has our own unique talents and characteristics.

Your unique mixture of all eight qualities – your energetic matrix – is the foundation of the blueprint of your soul. In my ‘Expanded Soul Profile Reading’ you will learn how these soul qualities are represented at soul-level in your Divine Soul Blueprint. I will retrieve them for you in your Akashic Records.

What will you discover?

You’ll gain deeper insight into your talents and your challenges at soul-level; into how you were made to create your life. Ideally, we use these eight soul qualities in our daily lives in the same ratio as within our energetic matrix. Often this is not the case, because we don’t live our lives in our purest form. The opinions and standards of our upbringing, education, and society condition us. In this reading, you will also find out how you currently express your soul qualities in your daily life. Providing you with clues on where to direct your focus, but also where to pay less attention. This will give you a better understanding of who you are, but also of who you are not!

Additionally, I will retrieve the information from your Akashic Records about how your soul is organized. Each of us has an organizing principle that is the basis of how we are designed to create. You’ll discover how you are equipped to ideally organize your life and how much structure you bring to it. Finally, you will learn what significant soul training you have had between lifetimes and what that means for you.

How does it work?

  • You can book this reading after you have had a Soul Reading Akashic Records with me.
  • After I receive your booking and payment, I will plan and do your reading remotely. You do not need to be present.
  • When I’m done, we will schedule a Zoom meeting of 90 minutes in which I will present your reading to you.
  • Afterwards, you’ll receive your written reading and a recording of our session, which you can revisit to get the most out of it. 
  • Within 24 hours of your booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from me with additional information.
  • My fee for this service is 182 Euros (incl. VAT), payment in advance via Paypal. It includes the research in your Akashic Records, compiling the information for the presentation, and our Zoom appointment of approximately 90 minutes.