Poetry on Request

Words of Comfort

A poem after the death of a loved one – while experiencing loss and grief – aligned with their energy. Words of comfort to share at the memorial service. On the thank you card, or to carry with you in your heart.

How do you find the right words?

Saying goodbye to a loved one that passes away is overwhelming. So much happens within a short period. Did you have an opportunity to say goodbye, to express and ask what was still on your mind? Or was the loss unexpected? How do you find the right words in those hectic and sad days that convey the tangible connection?

Perhaps it has been a while or a long time since you lost a loved one. And are you longing for a message of solace or encouragement aligned with their Spirit. To commemorate their birthday or day of decease, for example.

I write poetry on request, tapping into the energy of a loved one who has passed away.

Sabine has a gift that is invaluable. Three times I have asked her to connect with the energy of loved ones and the messages that come through in poetry form are profound and soothing.” – Debby Levering

How does it work?

Every poem I write emerges from aligning with the energy of your loved one who has passed away. It is a connection from heart to heart, soul to soul. Intuitively I receive the words that form a unique and personal poem.

I write a poem intuitively and remotely. To tune in as pure as possible, I would like to receive the following information in advance:

  • A portrait photo of your loved one with a clear facial expression.
  • First name (given name/nickname) and full legal name (first name, middle name, and family name).
  • Date of birth and date of death.
  • The nature of your relationship (spouse, relative, friend, etc.).

When you request a poem, we don’t need to make a (Zoom-call) appointment in advance because a poem arises intuitively in me. I like to receive the application and the personal information by e-mail.

You will receive the poem by e-mail as a PDF in a graphical design that supports the message. 

“I can feel the essence come through and I am grateful to have the presence of my grandmother anchored in and framed in my office. Every day I connect with her as I read the poem that Sabine delivers in a beautiful customized PDF.” – Debby Levering 

The fee for this service is 85 Euro, payment in advance via Paypal. I will send you a payment link, and you will receive an invoice.


Send me a message, and I will get back to you soon: contact@sabinevekemans.com

An example:

I am still with you

When your grief
over losing me
has worn you out,
look up to the sky.

I invite you to fly,
to soar high 
above the landscape
of our lifetime together.

Love might feel buried
deep in these grounds,
but beyond the skyline
of your mind, it is not.

It is as alive as ever,
light as a feather,
swirling higher and higher
on heavenly winds.

I changed my garments,
but our hearts are still
of the same fabric that 
could never be torn apart.

I am still with you
in your soul’s fiber,
in each breath of life,
so please call me in.

This poem was received intuitively but not in alignment with the energy of a specific loved one who passed away.

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