All my life I have been searching

All my life I have been searching for the meaning of life, and I’m so grateful to have found it. From my childhood on I remember laying in my bed wondering about why we are here on this planet. I was fascinated by death, a longing deep inside me to be somewhere else. Feeling that there is so much more than meets the eye. But not being raised in a time or family in which awareness was a topic of speech or expression, I got caught up in the wheels of motion in my mind. In rational thinking, in achieving, in convictions and beliefs I thought were mine. In pleasing everyone else instead of myself. Spinning around in circles in my head, trying my very best to do everything perfectly to stay in control and feel safe. But so out of touch with who I truly am.

In hindsight, the biggest scar in my life turned out to be the greatest gift

For years I have been feeling quite depressed and lonely, though I was not alone. Until I discovered how sensitive I am, much later, and my awakening began. Everyone gets hurt in life. In hindsight, the biggest scar in my life – the loss of my baby daughter 24 years ago – also turned out to be the greatest gift. Because she kept calling me to descent from my head to my heart. She invited me to connect myself to the universe within again, to my intuition. Since then, my feeling journey began. On this journey, I discovered I’m an empath – an intuitive reader and writer/poet – but first I had to declutter the route to my heart, to the essence of my being.

During that quest I also experienced the joy and wonder of discovering that my sensitive heart can tap into the energy of others so easily, to retrieve messages to enlighten their heart and soul. This continuing journey has taught and brought me so much. The so-long-felt senselessness of existence transformed step by step in feeling the meaning of life. The revelation that nothing shows up without a purpose. That even in my biggest loss, my deepest grief or pain, there is a message of light. It led me to reconnect with my daughter on spirit level, who’s guiding me from the other side. Would I have found this consciousness if I had not lost her?

Bringing transformation through empowerment is my joy

Having traveled the route of transformation myself, bringing transformation to others through empowerment is my joy. Inspiring you to open yourself up to your Divine Gifts, to the talents, wisdom, and love inside you. Helping you to step out of old patterns and make new moves. So you can find more balance and happiness in your life, get a greater sense of fulfillment and become the powerful creator of your own experience.

I am, among other things, a certified Akashic Records Reader. I work with my intuitive gifts and my life experience. I have been a student of many intuitive modalities, from mediumship (psychic, mental, and trance) to healing (e.g. Soul Body Fusion) and family constellations. Holding a BA degree in Social Work, and in Communications, I have always been interested in human behavior. I’m also fascinated by Human Design and numerology.